Bespoke Training

We were really struggling with conflict between employees and volunteers in terms of their role and responsibilities. I contacted LifeAssistantUK who listened to my concerns and came up with a bespoke training course that we could deliver in-house for our volunteers and managers. It clearly outlined and covered all the issues we were facing and now, as a result of the training course designed, our volunteers are clear of their roles and expectations and staff know how to support them.

Life Assistance – Career Change

As a mature woman who has raised children all her life who are now at college and university, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life or what my purpose is. I started to feel quite depressed as I have not had a work career like my friends. I contacted Life Assistant UK to simply say I needed help discovering what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I felt at 53 that my life had no relevance. I’m glad to say I was wrong! The one to one support I received was unbelievable. A plan was devised  for me to identify my true passions, address my fears and targets created to make what I wanted a reality. I can now say that I’ll be starting a course soon and have a clear plan in place to achieve my goal of becoming an Events Manager. I will say that you have to put in the work but having someone to guide you, cheer you on and support you is priceless. 

Work Assistance – new entrepreneur

Becoming a Social Entrepreneur has not been easy! I’ve been trying to set up my business whilst working full time. I contacted Life Assistant Uk as I needed some assistance with how I could promote my new business. As a result of this, I got so much more! They really made me think outside of the box. I now have a magazine interview in the UK with a leading editor and a plan in place as to what I need to do. Thank you!

Home Assistance – quotes and research

I do not like the internet. I needed some quotes for some home improvements that I wish to undertake.  Contacted Life Assistant UK to see if they could do this for me and I am pleased I did. The provided me with four quotes for garden and building work I want doing and times when they can be done. It was so easy and saved me so much time. I’ve done the same now for my holiday in December –  I let them know  where I wanted to go and when and was given quotes for the best possible prices and available dates which usually takes me hours to do.

Work Assistance – Complaints and Grievance

I’ve been running my business for a few years now and have tried to manage complaints and grievances. I’ve been stung so needed more advice as to how to manage this and the process to take. Life Assistant UK were able to recommend a procedure showing me how to deal with complaints in house and with customers with deadlines and responses. They also gave me much more with recommendations for resolution and mediation.

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